Contemporary House Howth

Gareth Byrne Photography was commissioned to photograph a new 2,700 sq. ft contemporary house located on a back land site in Howth for Wilson Hill Architects.

The design of the house looked to create a family house that sits on a triangular site. The aspect of the house aligns itself with a winding driveway and new bridge access.

Client: Wilson Hill ArchitectsCategory: Residential

The front of the house had extensive glazing giving a sense of arrival and surprise when turning in off the road down the tree lined drive. The internal layout provides an open plan living space with a double height hall and landing allowing light to flood into the house.

Myself and Adrian visited the house to decide on the type of shots we wanted to achieve as part of the photoshoot. The rear extension faces south whilst the front elevation is north. We chose late morning to make the best of the light and concluded with dusk images on a delightful evening with dramatic skylines.

Howth House | Wilson Hill Architects

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