The House The Fireman Built

Log homes are a rare sight to see in Ireland and, I had the pleasure of taking photographs some years back for Honka Log Homes who are a leading Nordic company. The owner of this house, Lee Conlon built his rather unique home located in Co. Monaghan. Lee, a local fireman, was determined to build a log home and researched and visited many different homes before settling on the supplier of his choice. The timber regulates the indoor climate, reducing and keeping the humidity levels constant. 

The walls of the house consist solely of logs, which are 230mm thick. So without any insulation to speak of, it may be surprising to learn that the house is actually quite easy to heat. Log homes are an increasingly popular alternative for more organic, healthy and ecological living and are certainly quite fascinating to see nestled into the Irish landscape.

Client: Honka Log HomesCategory: Editorial

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